Visit the Thohoyandou Art & Cultural Centre and admire all the works of art in progress.This outstanding studio was created as a training centre and workspace for young and emerging artists. The Centre is being managed by the renowned artist called Mr Avhashoni Mainganye. Mr Mainganye has travelled extensively representing South Africa on art. He is produced some of the best artists in South Africa such as Mr Jan Tshikhuthula. Mr Mainganye Avhashoni’s subjects are lino printing and watercolour painting. He later developed painting in general and sculpture due to the influence of the VhaVenda practicing sculptures in the area. Nowadays his art activities include painting (with watercolour, acrylic and oils), sculpture (wood, metal, plaster, stone), printmaking (lino, etching, screen), collage, drama, poetry and photography. He is our Tour Guide and we have various tour packages that we can provide for our guests to chose.